Top Services You Should Subscribe To Right Now

Not that long ago, the idea of having a personal shopper or groceries delivered to your home seemed like something only the wealthy could afford. Now, it’s easier–and more affordable–than ever to let someone else take care of your errands. Here are some of the best service subscriptions to make your life easier.

Water Delivery

If you live in an area that has sub-par water–or rely on well water at home–then having fresh, clean-tasting water is a major concern. Sure, you could invest in a ton of filtered pitchers, but why not get your very own water cooler? Delivery of 5-gallon jugs of water is cheaper than you might assume, and you can’t beat the convenience.

Clothes Subscriptions

No matter your size or style, you have so many options now for stylish clothes subscriptions. Stitch Fix is one of the best known personal shopping and styling services for men and women. You can also rent designer couture and accessories from Rent the Runway for a flat monthly fee.

House Cleaner

Okay, hear me out: Hiring someone to clean your house twice a month is not a luxury. It’s a necessary form of self-care. If you know that you won’t take the time to scrub your house as thoroughly as you should, a house cleaner service is well worth the expense.

Grocery Delivery

There are a ton of services available now to have groceries delivered to your house. Instacart and Shipt are two of the biggest; both services let you “shop” your local store from the comfort of your phone and then deliver the goods to your house. Keep in mind that these services include additional fees (and tipping is always the right thing to do).

Alcohol Delivery

Who wants to run to the liquor store? You can have curated selections of wine or beer delivered to your doorstep for surprisingly reasonable fees. If you’re someone who enjoys a glass of wine or a craft beer with dinner, these services could be a great choice. You’ll also be able to expand your palate and learn more about wine and beer.

Pet Supplies

Pop quiz: Would you rather have your pet food and another supplies delivered, or do you want to haul bags of kibble around? Ordering pet supplies from a site like Chewy, with the option to create a recurring delivery at a reduced monthly cost, just makes sense.